Never Give Up Suicide Prevention Campaign

Campaign Wave

Youstar Foundation has started the “Never Give Up Suicide Prevention” campaign to share love and hope to our friends and family who need support by making music content with its influencers.

This project’s ultimate goal is to reduce the suicide rate from Korea to the rest of the world. Korea’s suicide rate is the highest in the OECD. A California nonprofit organization, SoDAVi (Social Data Analysis and Visualization Group), is collaborating with this project to gather and analyze the related data to make the campaign more effective.


Our project consists of but is not limited to producing campaign songs, making educational music videos regarding mental health and suicide prevention, and relaying challenges with influencers like singers, celebrities, YouTubers, and politicians.

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† All the proceeds from the music and video will be contributed to 'YouStar Foundation' for the ongoing "Never Give Up suicide prevention campaigns".