Never Give Up Suicide Prevention Campaign

Campaign Wave

Youstar Foundation has started the “Never Give Up Suicide Prevention” campaign to share love and hope to our friends and family who need support by making music content with its influencers.

This project’s ultimate goal is to reduce the suicide rate from Korea to the rest of the world. Korea’s suicide rate is the highest in the OECD. A California nonprofit organization, SoDAVi (Social Data Analysis and Visualization Group), is collaborating with this project to gather and analyze the related data to make the campaign more effective.


Our project consists of but is not limited to producing campaign songs, making educational music videos regarding mental health and suicide prevention, and relaying challenges with influencers like singers, celebrities, YouTubers, and politicians.

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YouStar Foundation

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† All the proceeds from the music and video will be contributed to 'YouStar Foundation' for the ongoing "Never Give Up suicide prevention campaigns".



'YouStar Foundation'

'Youstar Foundation (Prev. Ktownhope)' was established in 2013 to support and encourage volunteers who share their passion, love and talent for helping Leukemia patients, helping the disabled and needy people in Asian community including Korean American.

Starting 2018, Youstar Foundation (Prev. Ktownhope) has provided monthly healing seminar and Youth training healing camp in person and via zoom meeting to destigmatize mental illness such and depressions, bipolar disorder, and panic disorder, etc. and to enhance mental health in the community.


Youstar Foundation has been doing and will keep doing our mission by fund raised from the Miracle concert (season 1 to 10), Fundraising dinner show, educational documentary and promotional campaign song.


YouStar Foundation Welcomes You

Nonprofit organization ‘Youstar Foundation (Prev. Ktownhope)’

K-town, which is the place all over the world for Korean Community, has been rapidly changing.

K-town is now not only the place for Korean but also for the Asian and Other Community by mingling the Korean cultures such as K-pop, K-beauty, and K-food.
In Los Angeles K-town, One of the biggest K-town of the world, voluntarily Ktownhope was established in 2013 with the various professional and the various Korean American generation (1st generation, 1.5 generation and 2nd generation).

For the wider vision, Ktownhope changed its name to Youstar Foundation in 2020 and newly started with three themes of Ktownhope, Ktownfaith and Ktownlove to spread sharing love.

Online Mental Health Healing Seminar

Oh! Miracle Seminar - Youtube


​With Soyoung Sung, a clinical psychologist

⭐️  Mental Health Healing Contents #mindfitness

Due to quarantine and social distancing in Covid-19, modern society has been rapidly changing.
Interaction between family members is increasing and it may also increase the conflict between family members, especially problems in the parent-child relationship and the solution for this conflict is immediately needed.

For this issues, Youstar Foundation has provided an educational video content #mindfitness to answer the frequent questions about understanding and solving the problem in relationships. Your subscriptions and setting the notification in our YouTube channel will really encourage us to keep doing this movement.




Oh! Miracle – Open Your Heart

썸네일 copy.jpg

Oh! Miracle - Open Your Heart

‘Open Your Heart: When you open your heart, you can see the miracle.”

​With a clinical psychologist with over 20 year-experience, Youstar Foundation has provided healing seminar and educational video to destigmatize mental illness and learn about symptoms of depressions, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, etc..


​Due to Covid-19, temporarily seminar is not provided.


Miracle Concert & Campaign Song


Miracle Concert & Campaign Song

With the moto of “Sharing is spreading”, Youstar Foundation held the Miracle Concert one or two times every year.

Miracle Concert has been operated with youth volunteers who volunteered and shared their love and support to the community and accumulated good reputation and influences every year.

Youstar Foundation has produced and will keep producing campaign song with the influencers and documentary film.

(Next Event: Miracle Concert Season 11 with Korean pop singer, Hyun Chul Kim for suicide prevention campaign)


Healing Camp